1. Are your products available in any retail store in India or abroad?
No, we do not have a retail outlet for our products.

2. How is each product packaged?
Each product is first wrapped in butter paper, then covered with bubble wrap and then placed into an individual corrugated carton with a printed duplex top.

3. Can the products be customized with a company/brand logo?
The service of customization of logo through printing, engraving or use of stickers etc. is offered for bulk orders. For non-bulk purchases individual gifts tags can be purchased at an extra cost. Please see section under Gift Wrapping Service.

4. Why is the delivery period long for some products?
All products displayed on the site are hand crafted. This process is detailed, laborious and therefore time consuming.

5. Are there any extra charges for gift-wrapping?
There are no extra charges for gift-wrapping. However, the gift wrap paper has to be purchased at an extra charge.

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